Boy Scout Troop 1 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Calendar | Next Court of Honor:  September 20, 2022
Meeting Location: Sandia Presbyterian Church. Meeting Time: Tuesday @ 7 p.m.







            Parents can provide support for Scouting activities throughout the year.  Parental involvement is exceedingly important to a successful scouting program.  All parents of Troop 1 scouts are encouraged to make a commitment to help in any way they can.  Possibilities include: giving programs at meetings, organizing games, publishing a newsletter, keeping records for competitions, offering transportation for camping trips and other events, teaching merit badges and other skills, etc.  Parents are also encouraged to attend our camping trips.  Occasionally, the trips will involve too much activity for some parents (a 20 mile hike, rock climbing, backpacking, etc.), but we would like to have at least a few parents on each trip.