Boy Scout Troop 1 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Calendar | Next Court of Honor on Tuesday, March 27
Meeting Location: Sandia Presbyterian Church. Meeting Time: Tuesday @ 7 p.m.

Resources for Patrol Leaders


As a patrol leader, you have many resources available, including your Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmasters, senior patrol leader, and the troop committee. Other resources include your teachers, religious leaders, and community leaders. Literature resources available to you include the following:

Boy Scout Handbook, No. 33105
Junior Leader Handbook, No. 33500A
Fieldbook, No. 33200
Boy Scout Songbook, No. 33224
Boy Scout Requirements, No. 33215C
Troop Program Resources, No. 33588
Troop Program Features, Volumes I, II, and III, Nos. 33110, 33111, 33112
Worksheets from Scoutmaster's Junior Leader Training Kit, No. 34306
Boys' Life magazines
Copy of troop rules and policies
Troop and patrol rosters
Activity calendar (troop, district, council, chartered organization)
First Class—First Year Tracking Sheet, No. 34118A
Campfire Program Planner sheet, No. 33696
Troop Planning Worksheet (from Troop Program Features)
BSA Supply catalog